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Balestrand Hotell is owned and managed by Randi Sognnæs Aamot, Theodor Sigurdsson Kvikne and Per Áki Sigurdsson Kvikne. ​ With 30 rooms, a bar and a beautiful garden by the fjord, we dream of a lively place with music, culture and joy.  

We want to create a pleasant and fun environment where people can stop by for a coffee, a beer, a glass of wine, a concert, an exhibition, an event, a party and on some occasions a good meal.  

Our goal is to create a lively place where people can come for unique experiences in Norway's most beautiful village. 

For as long as we can remember, our aunt Unni Marie and uncle Eric owned and managed Balestrand Hotel, and we spent a lot of time there playing with our cousins Charlotte, Kingdon and Victoria. Many good memories!


When we heard that they wanted to sell and move back to California, we were afraid that the place would disappear from the family, and had to make a decision quickly. We decided to take over the place and bought it in 2022.  

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